Medium Voltage Electricity Commitment

Medium voltage grids are the grid voltages between 1000 volt (1 kV)- 35 000 volt (35 kV). These grids are used to interconnect the high and ultra-high grids and low voltage grids. Providing high voltages to houses is not suitable for both isolation and safety.  For this reason, high voltages are connected to medium voltage grids by getting reduced to an appropriate level.

  • M.V. Energy Supply and Distribution
  • Energy Permit Certificate and Electricity Administration Acceptance Works
  • M.V Components and Installation Work
  • Test and Commissioning Work

The electric energy that is generated in the power plants, by getting reduced from the high-voltage lines is get connected through medium voltage lines to the distribution transformers located in city entrances. From this place, it is distributed to the subscribers who are business owners and individuals through divided branches. The medium voltage grids that are used in Türkiye change between 10.15 and 34.5 kV. The most commonly used voltage level is 34.5 kV. Accordingly, we can make this generalization; while up to 10 km length 3-10 kV, lines that have between 20-30 km length 10-20 kV, for 30-70 lengths it is used 20-35 kV voltages, lengths more than 70 km it is proper to use high voltages.

To increase the power or a new transformer facility, as a first stage, it is decided on the capacity of the transformer by calculating the energy that is needed. Then, it is required to apply for Energy Permit Certificate. According to the condition of the Energy Permit Certificate, a medium-voltage project is drawn and it is given to the authorized institution for approval. By getting the connected opinion from the distribution company; it covers which line, and how it is going to be taken and through this process, it is covered finding and designation of standards that are going to be applied about what kind of cell combination will be established.

Circuit distribution transformer centers are divided into two; Pole Type and Concrete Kiosk Type. It is used Pole Type for energies under 400 kVA and Kiosk Type for over 400 kVA.  It is used to provide to distribute the energy by decreasing the medium voltage to the level of low voltage. Modular medium voltage cells, transformers, and transformers distribution panels are used in the system which provides medium voltage to be used in houses.

Installation Works:

Installation works are applied within the scope of the project which is approved by the distribution institution. It is the work for the facility that is going to be installed by taking connection from the distribution center or line that is shown by the distribution company. The Medium Voltage Line reaches the transformers in two different ways. These lines are the medium voltage line that is made through the underground and by getting the connection from an overhead line to the transformer. In these works, the medium voltage type cable head and extra murfs are used for connections. The concrete kiosk and the electrical materials inside of it are done for both to protect and neutral grounding. Transformers, cells, and distribution panels are protected either in a concrete kiosk or in closed rooms.

Test and Commissioning Work are the processes that are carried out after all installation is correctly completed and testing all equipment in accordance with the procedure before giving energy. Afterward Installation and Commissioning process, test results are evaluated and the necessary information about the safe energizing and operational life of the equipment or appliances is presented in a test report. Before the distribution company energizes the transformer, test results, calibration results, and grounding test results are presented. Then, energy is given by making final tests and analyses under the control of the distribution company. The test and commissioning process are completed when the devices that work with electric energy are activated and confirmed that there is no problem in the system.

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