Weak Current Systems

Weak current systems are the systems that not only enable the organization and management of control and security but also the communication and information flow within the structures. Because the voltage of the weak current system installation is low, there is no risk for electric shock. In order for weak current systems to be durable and serviceable, primarily, it is important to use products that are quality and manufactured in accordance with standards. In addition to these, it is necessary that the workmanship must be flawless and the system that is installed must be checked and maintained at certain intervals.

  • Camera Systems (CCTV)
  • Access Control Systems
  • Emergency Announcement and Address Systems
  • Fire Detection and Warning Systems
  • Data and Network Systems
  • Tv/Iptv/Smatv System
  • Intercom Systems
  • Parking Guidance Systems

Camera Monitoring and Recording Systems occupy a huge place in daily life. It comes to the forefront in all kinds of needs and implementation based on monitoring, particularly in security projects. Thanks to the latest technology in these systems, clear images can be obtained at night as well as daytime. It is possible to create solutions for different needs with equipments such as cameras with light sensitivity,  infrared lighting equipment, optical zoom, moving cameras, thermal cameras and, etc.

Access control systems not only provide controlling the transitions but also ensure that people are present in their field of duty. These systems are also known as access control systems. Access control systems ensure that entrance and exit information is being kept recorded and provide security of the building at the same time. This system can be used in many places such as  state institutions and organizations, businesses, schools, municipalities, factories, plazas, and companies.

The general addressing systems of buildings and facilities are used for implementations such as music broadcasting, public announcement, private announcement, emergency announcement and, etc. The system can be managed both as a whole and local regions. It is possible to generate solutions for structures that is extendible unlimitedly from a single region with digital systems. The integration of this system with other systems, initially the fire detection and warning system, has become a necessity, especially in hospitals, hotels, schools, and multi-storey complex buildings.

Fire detection, and alarm systems are the systems that detect fire  that may occur in all kinds of structures, buildings, facilities and businesses in the first place, notify the residents in the building and related security units and fire department to prevent loss of life and property. Even though all security systems are important, the necessity of a fire detection system can be clearly understood when it is thought about how a fire can cause harm to a building and the residents in it. In today’s technological structuring, in high-rise buildings, factories, business centers, hospitals, and the buildings that host many people, the necessity of integration of control and other security systems with fire detection systems increases day by day.


Data and network systems are the entire communication systems that provide data transfer from one place to another where information and system sources are shared by different users. These systems make it possible the network communication alongside with resource sharing as wired and wireless. Investments in data and network systems are long-lived, efficient, and fully recompensing investments in the field of informatic and its safety. The speed and efficient operation of the systems depend on the network cabling. Deficient wiring causes bigger problems. Structured cabling is considered as longest- used part of the network systems and is defined as a vital point of networks.


SMATV (Satellite Master Antenna TV) is the system that provides the solution from a single center for the antenna needs of many TV subscribers. Thanks to this structure, the TV system that is needed can be solved at a lower cost and more permanently, especially in mass housing and living areas. SMATV technology makes it possible to reach many channels by reducing the expenses of cabling and antenna and removing the visual pollution. Thanks to the flexibility that IPTV has, you can have the advantage of watching the broadcast you want whenever you want.

Intercom systems are one of the systems that have the same function as the diaphone system. However, the intercom system has a more different structure functionally. In general, intercom systems are the systems that are used to in the purpose of providing security at entrances and exits in apartments and workplaces. Through video intercom systems,  instant communication can be easily provided. Additionally, since instant visuals can be provided in these systems, the entrance of unknown or suspicious people can be prevented.

The parking guidance system that is aimed to be used in the most efficient way of parking spaces with the help of vehicle detection sensors; is controlled through the computer system. Thanks to the system, the empty places in the parking area are indicated with green light and unavailable areas are red light. Drivers who enter the parking lot can find parking spaces by following these lights without searching for empty parking spaces. This system also eliminates the loss of time.

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