Rooftop Solar Energy Systems

It is possible to install Solar Energy Power Plant on the rooftop of your house or factory with the application to be made referring to the  Unlicensed Electricity Generation Regulation. The generated surplus electricity is sold to the related distribution company. With the discovery we will make, we design the system. After designing the system, by calculating the annual production amount of your power plant and the annual yield of the production amount, is made a comparison with the initial investment cost. A detailed report is presented to our investors by calculating the depreciation time of the first investment cost that is made in the light of technical values.

  • First Discovery
    The details are specified exploring the installation area. A quote is prepared by designing the project in the simulation programs based on the details and the by making the power plant layout with the maximum use of space.

  • Application Process and Project Designing
    The first step is taken by making a call letter application to the distribution company for installation.  After the approved call letter, the necessary projects are prepared and have approved by the competent authority.

  • Engineering and Installation
    To make the area suitable for installation, necessary preparations are made in the power plant area. Installation is made according to the approved projects, cable connections and panel placement are made.

  • Test and Acceptance Process
    The necessary tests of the installed power plant are reported in detail. If a problem does not appear, an application to TEDAS is made and the system is put into use.

  • Maintenance and Repair
    After Solar Power Plant is installed and integrated into the system, it is controlled by software that are generated by the system. To ensure that the system continues production with maximum efficiency, annual and periodic maintenance are carried out.

  • Grant and Financial Management Consultancy
    In order to bring your investment to the most advantageous position, feasibility planning is carried out. By managing the Grant, Loan, or Investment Incentive Certificate support application processes from a single center, according to the characteristics of the investment, comprehensive project management consultancy is offered.

Yes, you can. You can install a Solar Power Plant on your rooftop as much as the contract power specified on your electricity bill.

When the costs and sunshine durations in Türkiye are taken into consideration, amortize period is 4-6 years.

There are 25-year performance guarantees given by the panel manufacturers. It is considered that the lifetime of panels is 25-year with a 1% annual cost.

Yes, Solar Panels also make production in overcast weather however, not as much as in sunny weather.

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