Agricultural Irrigation Solar Power Systems

Agriculture is one of the main livelihood activities in Tükiye which has fertile soils. However, because of the costs of high transmission lines, enough energy cannot be supplied to the croplands. Not having an electrical network in agricultural lands leads to another problem such as irrigation of the croplands. In this case, in Agricultural Irrigation, Solar Power Systems offer an important solution. This system works independently from the grid.

There is no operating cost except for the initial investment cost of the system. Thus, this saves the investors from expensive generator systems.

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System Designing:
By analyzing the area that will be irrigated, the design is completed according to the pump capacity by calculating  how far the system sends water and how far water will be extracted.

A price proposal is prepared by pricing the designed system with the most proper cost and highest efficiency.

Material Supply:
Based on the approval price offer, supply is carried out to the area by planning for material supply. The material that comes to the area is collected in a suitable place and the installation is made quickly.

Installation and Commissioning:
By installing the power plant according to the system design, a cable connection is made. After the test processes, the system is commissioned and the Agricultural Irrigation Solar Power System is made ready for use.



No. Where there is no grid, agricultural irrigation can be made by designing a system that is independent of the grid.

Yes. In the final version of the regulation, the grid-connected surplus of the Agricultural Irrigation system can be sold to the distribution companies. The electricity bill is determined at the end of the month by making monthly netting.

Since there is no permission process from the distribution company, installation can be completed within 3 days.

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